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Motor Rewind
Bearing Replacement
Bad bearing grease
Burnt windings

Motor rewinding is what we specialize at.  A common problem to electric motors is that they "burn out".  This is when the copper windings can no longer support the electrical load that is needed to run the machine and the wires short together, or open, causing the motor to fail.

At Wyse Electric Motor Repair we rewind and insulate your motor to NEMA standards or above to provide the longest life possible from your motor. 

When a bearing begins to fail, or squeal, it is past the point in which grease will help.  Do not grease the bearings hoping to stop the squeal.  The bearing has already failed and must be replaced.

Bearing replacement is great preventative maintenance that many people tend to overlook.  When a bearing begins to fail it causes the motor to work harder due to the added friction of the failing bearing.  This causes the motor to work beyond its normal operation and steals valuable power from the machine.  By not replacing a failed bearing, the motor will soon have other problems such as a "burn out".  This happens by having the motor require more amperage for the motor to do the same job.  This added amperage then will cause the windings to fail premature.  In some cases the bearing will fall apart allowing the rotor to come in contact with the stator, resulting in extensive damage. 

Changing the bearings regularly is a great idea when a motor is being ran often, to prevent large down time waiting for a rewind. 

New Sales
New motor

Some motors cannot be fixed or the cost is more to fix than what a replacement motor would be.  Our team will be able to assess your motor and determine if a repair or a new motor is in your best interest.  We are a distributor for the largest names is motors including, Baldor, Leeson, Worldwide, Dayton, and more.  We have a large stock of new motors and some used.  We are also able to get most motors in 1-2 business days.


Rewound stator
Repaired Eddy Current

Learn how Getting The Most From Your Electric Motor will help make your motor last longer and perform better.

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